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Robert Niesse




In 1963 Robert was born as the middle child into his family with 1 sister and 6 brothers.

His father Wilhelm was a cabinetmaker and since he had his own workshop next door, Robert constantly was hanging at his fathers hem, seeking with interest, how the wood would be carved and formed, so he eventually started his own way to work with a planer, saw, broach and hammer on wood.

In Kindergarden he developed his favour for sketching and drawing and strangewise also for numbers. So during all his educational times at school, his most favoured subjects next to art and music in contrary, was mathematics.

At the age of 10 in 1973 his parents sent him to a boarding school in Münster, the Collegium Johanneum with 2 intentions; to either become a Catholic priest and/or to advance his talent for music and art.

From this day on music became his first love; he was singing in a choir, took piano and organ lessons, was playing the trombone in the orchestra, big band and a chamber quintet. Every Sunday for a consecutive 9 years they were creating music masses, were playing with the big band or orchestra on public events and also were releasing 2 records, one, the musical „Jonas“ with the famous composer Paul Burkhard.

And also his love for art became advocated with all sorts of workshops starting from pottery, woodcarving, stained glass painting up to nude drawing classes with the well known German cubist painter Theo Schäfer (and this in a Roman Catholic boarding school!! For this secret occasions after dawn Theo organized the nude models from the art school of Münster, locked the classroom, closed the curtains and it was forbiddeen to talk!)

Finally he also started to play the drums, which he continued to play also during his duties at the Heeresmusikkorps of the German Bundeswehr from 1983 to 1984.

For the fact, that he fell in love with the beauty of women, he decided to go the artistic way instead of the spiritual way

So in 1984 he started his studies in product design and fashion; an important part of his studies were also classes in photography, paiting, portrait and nude drawing, where he developed his passion for art and finally finished his studies in 1991 with a degree in product design.

Nevertheless to make his living aside from painting he started his carreer as fashion designer and moved for this reason to Montreal/Canada in 1991 to learn more about this global business. One year later he lived and worked in Hong Kong before he decided in 1994 to take off for a year and traveled South East Asia. Once back in Germany working for the German fashion line „Marc Aurel“ he was invided to make his first solo exhibition at the Richter Villa in Gütersloh to show his oil paitings and sketches of the past years living mainly abroad.

In 1997 he moved to New York City to study nude drawing and painting at Stacy Studios Union Square, where he took also part in group exhibitions. In 1999 he moved back to Germany/Krefeld, working as head of creativ puchasing and development for the fashion line „CERRUTI 1881“ by KEMPER.

In 2005 he bought the brand „KEMPER“ and re-started this traditional collection. In 2008 he also took over the fashion line "GOLDIX".

In troubled water after the Global crises Robert decided in 2010 to focus again on art.

Currently Robert is working on paintings, mainly abstracts, nudes and portraits and oil-inpainted c-prints.

Over the past 30 years in his artistic endevior Robert created more than 1200 paintings and an estimated 3000 drawings.